February Goals Update

So, how did I do? I kinda forgot about my goals for February halfway through the month, and then a close friend reminded me which was a huge blessing. This was a fun and practical way to check in with my desires, expectations, and time management.

1. Graduate! (Commencement is Feb 20) Check!

2. Invest meaningfully in family relationships (I will focus on at least 2 this month) I think I need to spend more than just a month on this - this is a lifelong goal I'm realizing.

3. Finish my internship application for next year (eek! so exciting ā€“ its due March 1) I have my phone interview this week!

4. Invest my heart more fully into my new job (I have the privilege of being a full-time, but not so full-time Mom to 2 little boys and a girl) Growing in love with my kids.

5.  Focus financially on supporting my friends who are going on missions trips. I need to continue to surrender my finances and realize they are under God's control while still my responsibility.

6. Stay away from Gluten as much as possible: seem to have developed a gluten intolerance Definitely made strides in this area but more work could be done.

7. Develop a celebratory heart for the season of life Iā€™m in. It's developing.

8. Focus on moving through life one day at a time. Challenges are met with constant grace and surrender. Had a huge wake up call to this last night on the importance of constant surrender amidst ever-present grace.

I think overall my February Goals were very successful, and not surprisingly the areas that I need to continue to improve on are in my relationships and finances. The past 2 months have been challenging and eventful and an overarching theme God has been revealing to me has been my desire for control. I am afraid to let go of control especially in the areas of finances and relationships. Its challenging and humbling to realize that I don't have it all together. To realize that I've made huge mistakes, and still make them.

And while it's tempting to wallow in self-pity or get trapped in self condemnation, I've had some recent "ok breathe" moments with God. Times where He's shown up and revealed Himself to me. Times where He has encouraged me, blessed me, and strengthened me. I know it hasn't been very obvious on this blog, but God is doing a huge work in my life and thankfully I am cushioned by grace all around. I'm excited for March and what it will bring (hopefully good weather!) in my life. I've recently realized that if I keep my eyes focused on God and who He is it will dramatically change my perception of circumstances in my life. God is still so good, and I am so thankful for His love for me.