Spring 2019 Link Love

The lack of writing in this space this last 6 months shows that I have fewer words left over to offer. I don’t want to say, “I’ve been busy” as a badge of honour, because it’s not one. I’ve been doing the things I loved, and also needed to do, and I let this space sit in silence for a bit. Which is okay.

Let’s catch up

Late last fall (2018), I realized that my anxiety was again at a new high and I had to address it. Because I was so functional (going to work, eating well, sleeping well, exercise, counselling, seeing friends), I didn’t realize how severe my anxiety had gotten – even though my emotional experience of all those things was terrible. One night I wept and cried out to God, asking that he would heal me, as he had done in the past. I couldn’t handle or fix this on my own, I needed him to work. Through the mix of medicine, family, community, and time in God’s word, God has brought so much healing in my life and I’m still walking in that healing this spring.

Winter brought an exciting trip to Hong Kong to meet B’s family. B asked me, “Will you be my Bride?” I said yes. The wedding planning season of engagement has been in full swing. It’s such a joyous season for our families, one that I never expected to be so so so great.

At work I’ve been given some new leadership roles, and taking the lead on some new projects. It’s such great work that I love: but it’s all at once and is pretty demanding. My days are FULL, and the weight of responsibility, deadlines, and management sits on my shoulders unlike before. It’s what I felt ready for, but again I need God’s help each day to be at my best.

This winter I completed my last seminary class for my Graduate Certificate for Women in Ministry at Heritage Seminary. I’m turning it into a Masters of Theological Studies - WHOO. I think I’ll always be a lifelong student. I’m a crazy person that loves school. Anyways my course was on writing Bible Studies and it’s done. So I get to do a little graduation thing. I’m going to share the download for my final 5 part Bible study on Titus here soon.

Church life is full of serving in Children’s Ministry on Sunday’s, being in a weekly Bible study, and also serving on the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team. It’s so fun. I love getting to work with other women and see us experience God together. There’s some absolutely fantastic people in my church family.

This brings me to the end of April. It’s a season of transition for many of us at work, while many in my team and department are leaving or spending a few months elsewhere, I’m still here holding down the fort. So it’s still busy days. Yet the warmer weather, rain, and sunshine are brightening my heart. I see God at work in the smallest things – and I’m learning that faithfulness even in obscurity are the true glory days. What does it look like to follow God even when no one is watching? That’s a life of true integrity, bravery, and stepping into vulnerability with God and others.

What I’m loving this spring  

SPEAKING IN AUTHORITY WITH A WILLINGNESS TO BE VULNERABLE by Lore Ferguson Wilbert. In her most recent blog post she shares how God sets pleasant boundaries around us, inviting us to ask, “Am I willing to share this and be misunderstood?” For anyone who writes or teaches, this is an essential question to consider.

GO + TELL GALS PODCAST by Jess Connolly. Jess, (a mom, church planter, business owner, writer), interviews different women in ministry to hear how they serve God but also how God is meeting them right where they are at. I love listening to it as I clean my house on Fridays. Scrubbing toilets and floors is holy work too friends.

THE CALL TO COURAGE by Brene Brown on Netflix. More on vulnerability and courage. I watched this, this week and was struck by so many profound truths. Ones that I believe align with what Scripture teaches, but also transcend the Christian faith and apply to everyone.

EPISODE 61: I Think I’ve Married The Wrong Person (An Interview with Dave and Ann Wilson) by IMBetween Podcast. I know, I know. I’m engaged and so why am I listening to a podcast about marrying the wrong person? Well it’s incredible. As I prepare for marriage I know that there are hard seasons and times where I will feel like I married the wrong person. It’s inevitable. I love Daniel + Christina Im and this interview has gold nuggets wherever you’re at in your relationship journey. It’s also just a fantastic podcast to listen to.

BECOMING by Michelle Obama. I gifted this to my mom for Christmas and just got it from her to borrow. I’ve been waiting months and months to read this memoir – I’m on page 22 and I’m already hooked. I’m in a book club and it’s not one of our books but I’m thinking it should be.

11 SIGNS YOU’RE MORE THAN JUST TIRED…YOU’RE BURNING OUT by Cary Nieuwhof. Friends I don’t think I’m burning out. But I am very tired from doing all the things. Anyways this was a good read and reminder that things can go sour really fast when we’re not careful.

So that’s my link love for Spring 2019. It’s mostly a bunch of media I’m consuming and topics I’m thinking about.

For my real-life, in person relationship list of what I’m loving this Spring here’s my other list:

  • Getting (vegan) ice cream on warm sunny spring days (I’ve convinced B it’s warm enough).

  • Retreating to Langdon Hall for a spa day (going again soon with my friend V because I need the mental break and disconnect).

  • My new Sperry shoes that make me feel like I’m on a boat but I’m not. And I can wear those little sockets that you can’t see.

  • Going shopping at Goodwill and buying new sweaters for $8 each.

  • The sun setting around 8pm now.

  • My tulips that are coming up in my garden – still praying that my lavender will have survived the winter.

  • Going to the gym twice a week with my friend M. I think spin class killed me this week, but showing up and moving my body is a win every single time, no matter what.

I love spring and I’m oh-so glad it’s here. So I’ll take another rainy day because I know the heat of summer is coming fast.