27 Life Lessons Learned in 27 Years

It was a hot August. On the 15th in 1991 my mom went into labour for 16 hours and on the 16th I was born. One of the first labours of love in a never ending stream in my life. Being born in August means so many things to me.

It’s harvest moons, peaches, hot nights, and the anticipation of new things and fresh starts with the lead up to September. It’s unique in its name, and gives space for summer freedom and exploration. Cottages, hikes, swimming, and summer camp. This August as I turn 27 (my late-twenties!), I’m reflecting back on some of the best life lessons I’ve learned so far — and often am relearning all the time.

Can you relate to any of these?

  1. When you hear the bell of the ice-cream truck, run as fast as you can and remind your mom of all your good behaviour so you can get that prized twisted cone after dinner.

  2. After travelling to India unpack your suitcase outside. Bugs do come out of it.

  3. Shovel snow. If you leave it, it freezes and turns into ice.

  4. When you rake leaves in the backyard make sure to pick up the dog poo first. Otherwise you’ll be scraping the bottom of your sneakers for days.

  5. The best friendships go both ways. Don’t always be the receiver or the giver.  

  6. Don’t lie to your parents. They always find out.

  7. Snow tubing and rollercoasters: hold onto your hat or else it’ll fly off your head and you won’t get it back.

  8. Hanger is real. But not an excuse to be a jerk.

  9. Don’t wash your clothes in hot water with your red dress. Unless you want everything to turn pink.

  10. Budgeting actually works. Guessing does not.

  11. Forgiveness involves a finishing — not just a forgetting.

  12. Your identity and value as a human is found in being created by God. Not in a grade or relationship.  

  13. That frozen pole looks enticing but licking it will result in a lot of pain.

  14. Head lice sucks. Avoid it all costs.

  15. Toxic people aren’t worth your time. Even if they’re the most popular girl in your class.

  16. Choosing to forgive bullies to let go of the pain will bring immense peace.

  17. Taking Calculus and Vectors will result in daily meltdowns. Don’t choose courses just because your friends are in them.

  18. Audition for the school musical even if you feel terrified and not pretty enough.

  19. Your body is the most amazing gift and blessing. Even on the days you wished it looked like someone else’s body.

  20. Your mental and emotional health is worth investing in. Take a break to pause, life can continue on without you for a bit.

  21. If you splash someone, be prepared to get splashed back.

  22. Hurting people hurt people. Choose compassion and boundaries — always.

  23. Many things in life are worth waiting for. A Godly boy who loves Jesus more than you is one of them.

  24. Take initiative to stay in touch with good friends. They are always worth the 1am text messages.

  25. Say no more often than feels comfortable to pursue silence and stillness. Don’t fear what comes out of it.

  26. Keep trying new things even if the unknown feels scary.

  27. A life well lived involves risk. Risk in relationship, risk in following God, and risk in failure. But it’s so worth it.

Celebrating all my friends who share an August birthday with me! And extra prayers for my pregnant mama friends today. You got this!!