My 6 June Highlights

Looking behind I see the trail of June winding away leaving thunderstorms, blazing heat, adventures, and joys in its wake. Here were some of my highlights - and things and places to check out when you get the chance:

1. The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference. Road tripping to Indianapolis, Indiana was pretty fun and it was a special gift from God to get to attend this amazing conference. I have the joy of working and serving students every year at conferences - but this was probably the first conference that I’ve attended for myself in years. I went totally crazy at the bookstore. And lucky you - all the sessions and workshops are online. I particularly loved the sessions by Jackie Hill Perry and John Piper.

If you only have 12 mins watch this video intro to the book of Deuteronomy that was produced for the conference.

In 8000 women, don't get lost. 

In 8000 women, don't get lost. 

Kathryn and I. 

Kathryn and I. 

2. Indulging on dairy-free ice cream treats. I think whoever created vegan chocolate ice cream needs a gold medal. Also strawberry sorbet, and watermelon and rocket popsicles.

3. Hitting up the Toronto Islands for a bachelorette weekend (not mine), one last fling before the ring. Highly recommend visiting this summer.

4. Dining at the Cambridge Mill restaurant, overlooking the river and finishing the evening with sparklers and sunsets. Ask to sit in the patio room with the doors open so you can hear the rushing water. Also order the Cod.


5. Going to the local splash pad in Guelph with friends. Totally better than a beach on a blazing hot day. I’m converted.

6. Read this book for book club. It's a reflection of death from the perspective of a doctor both as a neurosurgeon and then as a patient himself. I balled. You might too - be warned. So awesome. 

Oh summer, I’m glad you’re here and I’m ready to soak you in.