Faithfulness as a brand new mom

I hope one day to become a mother, and as I watch my close friend Steph walk this journey, I’m amazed at how she faithfully follows Jesus amongst the challenging and joyful days. Or, more so how Jesus is always faithful to her. Enjoy reading her story, in this season she’s in.

‘If this was any other job, I would quit!’ I remember thinking to myself as I soaked my sore body in a soothing herbal bath.

My body was in excruciating pain and coupled with exhaustion, and a brand new baby to care for, I had met my end. After the birth I felt drained from all strength, my arms were too weak to even lift up my new baby girl and recovery felt like an uphill battle. How am I going to care for the child when I feel like I can’t even care for myself right now?

But moment by moment I found myself uttering a prayer as desperate as the cries coming from our newborn: “I can’t do this Lord, I need your strength!”

I felt as needy as an infant - as weak and as dependant, and yet God’s strength met me there. Long days turned into weeks gone by. Each day a little easier, each day growing in strength. Still some days are harder than others and I’m finding myself more and more in need of God’s sufficient grace. Even in this challenging season, the parallels of God as a parent reminded me of his goodness and faithfulness.

I remember one of the first nights as a new mom, feeling discouraged. I felt like I was still struggling despite my prayers and I felt unheard by God. Then moments later, I heard Elenour stir in her crib and I got out of bed to comfort her. It was in this simple moment I felt God say, “You heard your child and responded even before she cried - don’t you think I hear you, my child?”

Tears rolled down my eyes as that truth sunk in. God hears, God comforts, and God strengthens.

Each time I hit a wall, I’m reminded that I really can’t do this on my own. It is easy with all the to do’s, to put spending time with God at the bottom of a never ending list. But if I recognize that He is the source of true rest - that He is my fuel for the day- it changes my day. I would press in more, pray more proactively and I would see that my weakness doesn’t tire Him unlike my human limits.

In this season of motherhood, I have come to see God as the perfect parent. I can lean into his  perfect strength when mine is waning.

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