Faithfulness In Seasons - new series!

If it were easy to follow Jesus amongst the day-in-day-out challenges that life brings, we would require a lot less faith. Especially as life constantly changes. Faith is active and is really hard work. (More on this in another post!)

Sometimes it seems like we’ve managed well (or stopped drowning) in a season of life and then we open our eyes to a new day and find ourselves in a new season. I love living in Canada where we experience an almost constant change of seasons in the year. It’s a reminder that while the world spins madly on, so do we. Change is constant. Things are planted, grow, are birthed, die, and lay fallow - and then they start to grow again.

What does it look like to faithfully follow Jesus in the different seasons that life brings? That’s a theme I’m excited to explore this year. I’m calling it “Faithfulness In Seasons.” and I’m excited to share and highlight some really cool people who are really living out their faith in the season  God has placed them in.

One of the biggest blessings and insights that we get in the church is to rub shoulders with people different than us. For me, I’ve spent years in my singleness investing in families and learning from them. Watching them parent, resolve conflict, and help them navigate the joys and challenges of raising children. I also love building friendships with the older folk. Listening to their stories, gleaning their wisdom, and hearing their heartbreak. Learning from others who are living in different seasons helps me walk more faithfully in my own, whatever it is.

I hope this series is inspiring to you. Perhaps you can relate to these stories, perhaps you can’t. Yet regardless, I hope they help you love Jesus more and faithfully follow him. Just one small step at a time.

Tune in next week for the first story: Hannah shares how she is faithful in her teen years.