My top 5 articles of 2017

2017 was a year of investment and growth in my writing, unlike I've ever seen before. Perhaps because my job shifted so that I'm now writing full time. The space to dig deep and grow in a gift God has given me has brought deep joy and blessing. I wrote a lot in 2017 and even pushed boundaries of vulnerability.

Some people often ask, "Erin I want to read what you've written!" Well, here are my top 5 articles that I wrote in 2017, based upon engagement and views:

  1. How I Forgave My Abuser // The Gospel Coalition Canada Sharing my own journey with abuse and learning to forgive my dad and embrace the healing that God offered me was liberating. This was a story long written in my heart. A true to share. Also it was translated into Japanese to minister to Japanese speakers in Toronto - pretty cool!
  2. A response to the boys who rejected me // Power to Change StudentsOh rejection. I wrote this article in the summer of 2017 as I processed through rejection from a guy. It got transformed into an article for P2C and became one of the top articles read this past fall. What an incredible journey to share with so many students and friends.
  3. Where was God when I was harassed? // Power to Change Students Remember the #metoo campaign? I was able to write a response to the outpouring of sexual harassment stories flooding the internet earlier this fall. It was the first time our P2C website had covered a trending issue which was exciting. It's hard to talk about sexual harassment - but I'm so done with minimizing and it's time to start using our voices to say "no, it's not okay."
  4. Being Single in a Couples Culture // Power to Change Students I guess I've written a bunch on relationships this year. Perhaps a theme in my life? This article was inspired by a previous article I wrote for another website called - but I completely re-wrote it with lessons God has been teaching me over the years on singleness. Whoo!
  5. When God clings onto me // Erin Glenys More writing on singleness and relationships. Although this fall was quite crazy and full in this department. It all seemed so crazy at the time, now things have settled quite significantly and I'm glad. Ready to live a quiet life and just keep plugging away at small everyday faithfulness. But I think I still have some more relationship articles up my sleeve to write on.

I also had the pleasure of writing on conflict, God's will, discipleship, and waiting on God. You can check out my other writing (and links to those articles) on the Portfolio page of this blog.

Thanks for all your support and I'm excited to see where God leads my writing in 2018!