2017: My Year of "Why Not?"

I'm not one to make New Years Resolutions, plans, or promises of "change". Actually I'm fairly cynical of such things, and it even took me years (literally) to even enjoy celebrating New Years at all - much thanks to the sweet NYE parties at the annual conference I attend. But two weeks in to 2017 a theme is emerging: WHY NOT? I'm finding myself on the precipice of change. New seasons. Finding myself in a place where I'm forced to grieve old memories and let go - in order to move forward. But moving forward is hard, especially when I walk into the unknown and uncertainty.

At first I felt really scared: where was God going to lead me next? The last time I was in this place (3 years ago), it ended up being a hard transition - one of the hardest years of my life. I'm scared to experience that again (even if it was totally right, and what I needed). To step into the unknown and take a step of faith into something new. To leave the known and secure. Am I ready?

Actually, I think so. Even though the past 3 years has been challenging - it's been strengthening, maturing, and stabilizing. I feel more self aware, more equipped, and ready to encounter new challenges with grace. I've spent the past 2 weeks with an annoying cold that isn't going away - but I've also received more clarity and confirmation of next steps I need to take.

SO, 2017 looks like it'll be my year of saying, "Why Not?" to:

  • Being on 3 continents (EEK - Africa?)
  • Affirming healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Living out forgiveness and reconciliation (it's hard)
  • Moving overseas? (I've decided to apply!)
  • Finishing a seminary program
  • Pursuing new hobbies + talents (more on this on my next post)
  • Saying no + protecting Sabbath rest
  • New financial goals to invest in my future

I'm excited for what's to come - and I hope to blog about what ends up happening right here on this blog. Thanks for journeying with me!