Go-To Outfit ||#NoBrainerWardrobe

October! I love this month. Cool weather, Thanksgiving, fall retreats with work, and changing leaves. The fall has been packed with life and work, and so I had to take a little break from this blog. But I finished my #NoBrainerWardrobe project and wanted to show you some of the results! Working through the workshop was super fun and inspired many of my friends to do the same! Not only have we sorted through their closets, but their kids and homes too. It really never ends. I also recently picked up this book on house cleaning & organization and have been flipping through when I have a chance -> check it out!

But once I purged my clothes, I started to think about how I wanted to build my wardrobe - it took a couple weeks to organize my thoughts, and then I was on the brink of a move (again!), and now I'm all settled. Some key phrases to explain my style would be:

  • preppy
  • girly
  • simple

I love my clothes! I rarely feel like I don't have something great to wear, and I have so much less to work with. Hayley Morgan said to come up with a "Go-to" outfit that you always feel confident in, no matter what. Here's what I came up with:


I love the combination of the plaid shirt, navy skirt, and Oxford heels. I can wear this on a warm fall day, or layer it up for winter. I can easily swap the heels for my brown fall boots, add a light grey cardigan and a scarf. I prefer really simple yet bold jewelery, so my rose gold watch and glittery earrings are a common combination. So far after a month of work/fall I've never been stressed about my clothes, because they all work for my lifestyle. My capsule wardrobe isn't perfect, but so far it's working for me! The #NoBrainerWardrobe workshop gets two big thumbs up - thanks Hayley Morgan!