Clothing = Stress: #NoBrainerWardrobe

Confession: clothes stress me out. Shopping, outfits, knowing what matches, and formals are the WORST. How I look and what I'm wearing are the largest contributors to me feeling insecure. It seems I'm always looking at others and admiring their clothes and how they look, try to imitate them. I know, I know. Most people feel this way, and I know people have looked at ME and wished they looked like me.... It's a vicious cycle of insecurity, coveting, and shame. For a long time I felt shame about how I looked. I didn't value or appreciate my body, wishing I was more athletic, skinny, or whatever. I didn't feel like I met the status quo. These are deep-seated issues that I think most of us encounter at some point in our lives. I'm still slowly working through them in my heart. I've also written about self esteem and self love here. But clothes and fashion is challenging for me, and for years I've wanted to do something about it. It's possible to feel confident, secure, beautiful, and excited about your clothes and how you look no matter your budget, size, or shape. I'm learning how to love my body the way it is - and it's hard.

But it's time for some help in fashion and organizing my wardrobe. That's why I'm SO excited about The No Brainer Wardrobe by Hayley Morgan: 

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.03.08 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.03.08 PM

Hayley Morgan is a blogger, creative genius, entrepreneur, and mama who has created this workshop to help women (1) discover their style; (2) purge their closet; (3) build a capsule wardrobe; (4) have less fuss in their life; and (5) feel confident and empowered by what they wear everyday. These are all things I need help with! This workshop has 4 sessions which each include a video, written content (mostly from her book that is included), and personal examples of REAL women, with varying lifestyles and bodies.

Instead of a generic 5 Steps to..... kinda post, this is tailored to help each woman find THEIR style, discover what's right for THEIR lifestyle, and help THEIR wardrobe reflect THEIR personality and heart. I get in a style rut where I discover one or two looks that feel comfortable and feasible and then I just stick to it and don't try anything else! I'll wear the same shirts, dresses, cardigans and scarves for months and I feel stuck in a fashion box. I'm also tired of the raggedy layered-tshirt and jeans look with cardigans that I rock most of the time.  I'm a classic wear 20% of my clothes 80% of the time. I'm also transitioning from being a student to working my first job, and realizing my clothes need to transition a bit too.

I want to feel confident and excited about my clothes everyday. I want it to take 5 mins to get dressed in the morning, because it's so easy to put together outfits with the pieces that I have. I want to shrink my clothes to HALF of what I currently have. I live a transient and nomadic lifestyle, moving every year and living out of suitcases for long periods. I need a wardrobe that's current, classic, elegant, and easy to carry with me.

What the #NoBrainerWardrobe WONT DO:

  • give me a sense of purpose or self-esteem
  • make me love my body
  • answer all my fashion "how-to's"
  • make me look perfect

What the #NoBrainerWardrobe WILL DO:

  • organize my clothes
  • help direct and create a distinct style
  • shrink my wardrobe considerably - a capsule wardrobe
  • help me build confidence
  • create less fuss & shrink time getting ready each day
  • present "go-to" outfits for work, formal and casual
  • save money in the long run

I'm really excited about starting this process this summer and (hopefully) will get most of it done by the time September rolls around! I'm planning on blogging through each step so you all can follow along. Fashion isn't a topic I've ever blogged about before - and revealing the dregs of my wardrobe sounds terrifying! But I'll move forward in faith, and hopefully this process will help those of you who need help making serious progress with their wardrobe too.