What I'm Reading This Summer

Long gone are the summer days of sitting on a beach for hours with my stack of fiction novels beside me, the lake water beckoning when the sun got too hot. Growing up I seemed to all about books, books, and books - and I know many of you were the same. But now my life is shifting, and what and how I'm reading is shifting too. With a seemingly seasonal end of family vacations and working in the summer, I find rare chances to lay in the sun with a good trilogy for hours. The past few years my preferences have shifted from fiction novels, to mostly Christian non-fiction which I feel so-so about. I love learning, but I don't think fiction novels are a complete waste of time. This summer when I'm not reading my Bible (plowing through Ezekiel), or seminary books (eek! Gotta get reading :/ ), I'm spending more and more time reading online.

Yeah I know: reading online is just another technology sucker. Many times it is, but its convenient and easy to engage with material on my phone, or laptop. These are my current favorite bloggers that I read most days:

The Tiny Twig - Hayley Morgan

What I love: Passionate and applicable posts for everyday life. Emphasis on her faith without being too pushy. Also her new workshop on The No Brainer Wardrobe - I seriously need to revamp my clothes. Especially in prep for September when I return to work/school full time. I also love her unique creative feel and it inspires me to be more creative everyday.


Grace Covers Me - Christine Hoover

What I love: Helpful hints and content for women in ministry. Even though she does primarily write for pastors wives, as a pastor's wife herself.... there's really something for EVERYONE on this blog. She posts a few times a week and it's always timely and applicable, not only to my relationships, but my job and faith too.

Finding My Feet - Raechel Myers

What I love: Ok this lady just inspires me like crazy! Not only is she a mom, writer, blogger, sewer etc., but she also helped start and create She Reads Truth! So cool. I actually wish she would blog and post more often, because they seem like they're becoming less frequent. But alas the life of a blogger if often tied up in all that life and creative stuff that inspires them to write in the first place! Honestly, there's always way more ideas of great posts I have that don't get posted online.

Relevant Magazine

What I love: It seems like you can't go on Facebook at any point in the day without seeing an article posted or shared from this website. So it can feel a little overdone, BUT honestly they're applicable, interesting, and well, relevant stories. They just updated their website which gives it a more newsy feel - and have increased the amount of hot off-the-press news. But they're most known for their thought provoking blog posts on culture, life, and faith. If you struggle with keeping up to date on issues or conversations, start with reading this website. Recent postings have been on Human Trafficking, Doubt, and a fresh perspective on the Christian fight on Morality.

Scissortail SILK - Becky Thompson


What I love: This woman is from the South (which is such a uniqueness) and is a stay-at-home momma, blogger, and wife. She even used to be a photographer - and her website shows it. Her beautiful photos, simple design and use-friendly approach are great. She humbly but boldly shares her thoughts, laced with love and kindness too. Reading her posts have challenged how I viewed Miscarriage, Abortion, and the new USA Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage -> seriously that post is phenomenal. Becky challenges how I view marriage and motherhood, and I love her personal anecdotes about her family and faith.

What are YOU reading this summer? I hope it's inspirational, life-giving, and restful. Please share with me some great fiction books if you've got any - hopefully when I have some time (perhaps in August), I'll hide away somewhere quiet and bring them with me :)

Happy Summer Reading!