February Goals (2014)

I was inspired by a previous blogger (Hayley Morgan, who writes for She Reads Truth) who blogged about monthly goals. I decided to start blogging about my monthly goals this year and then totally failed for January - so here's my list for the month of February!

1. Graduate! (Commencement is Feb 20)

2. Invest meaningfully in family relationships (I will focus on at least 2 this month)

3. Finish my internship application for next year (eek! so exciting - its due March 1)

4. Invest my heart more fully into my new job (I have the privilege of being a full-time, but not so full-time Mom to 2 little boys and a girl)

5.  Focus financially on supporting my friends who are going on missions trips

6. Stay away from Gluten as much as possible: seem to have developed a gluten intolerance

7. Develop a celebratory heart for the season of life I'm in

8. Focus on moving through life one day at a time. Challenges are met with constant grace and surrender.