10 Days until Christmas (eek!!!)

Christmas is in 10 days and I'm JUST starting to get my act together! It's kinda been a crazy season with finishing my undergrad (IM DONE), choir concerts, job applications (I HAVE A JOB!), and spending time with my friends. At the start of the month I was really inspired to starting blogging about monthly goals after I read this amazing blog called the Tiny Twig.

The blogger, Hayley, is one of the women who regularly writes for She Reads Truth. I've been doing the daily devos every morning on my computer and they have been absolutely fantastic (their current plan on Advent is excellent). I was thinking about posting some goals that I have for December but the idea of goals got me thinking about other types of goals I have, and the kinds of expectations that I carry around with me.

It turns out that I have a LOT of expectations. I have expectations in my friendships, work, conferences I attend, and especially for Christmas. I have been thinking a lot about gifts and the meaningfulness behind them and for quite a few weeks I decided I wasn't going to buy any gifts! (yet I still expected some, so that seemed a little uneven) I re-evaluated that when I realized that I've been to 4 movies in the last 2 weeks, so I think I can afford a couple of gifts and some cards! Good thing my family is tiny so I only have to get a couple of things but I found this post by Relevant Magazine helpful when thinking about the meaning behind gifts. While I don't think I will be giving my family relational gifts this year I am definitely keeping that in mind for the future (I think the concept is brilliant!).

Christmas has felt so FAR AWAY with school and everything else going on in my life but I only have 10 days to finish everything. I'm anticipating a lot of various things this holiday and being busy is one of them. Yet, I really desire meaningful conversations as lately I've been feeling burnt out by small talk. Especially the classic "what's next?" questions. A part of me is incredibly happy I found a full time job that I'm excited about just so I can answer their question!! But instead of resorting to awkward small talk this Christmas with family and distant friends that I rarely see I'm going to challenge myself to ask deep relational-building questions. Why waste time asking the same old stuff? I may as well wear a sweater that says: "I'm still single, I enjoyed school, I hope my grades are good, I have a full-time job, and my 5 year-plans are still unknown. Ask me something else". I am going to challenge myself to ask one deep, meaningful question to as many people as I can - challenge me on this! Feel free to check in with me to see how I'm doing =)

I have also been challenged about my perception of the holidays. I've been finding it too tempting to focus on all the circumstances surrounding the season that I forget what it's actually about. The reality is, I don't need to worry about gifts because I already have gotten the best gift  I could ever get: grace. My salvation is entirely secure and I can celebrate God and who He is this season as we remember the birth of Jesus. I need to let go of all the crap that can accumulate during Christmastime and remember who God is and what He did for me. I want to abide in God's peace and be filled with His joy! I think those are some definite expectations to place on my goal list this holiday =)

What are some goals/expectations that you have this year? I'm starting to get bored with my life - I want to hear about yours!