Weekly Dose of Inspiration: funny videos, blogs and friends

I love inspiration, don't you? It's often what gets me through a tough day. Here are some latest tidbits of inspiration:

1. Applying for jobs is tiring and draining. In the season of exams and applications my friend Robyn sent me this much loved and appreciated video:

2. I'm learning the value of starting off my day on the right track, which includes prayer and meditating on God's word. LOVE this website and what these women bloggers are doing at #SheReadsTruth I've made the site my new homepage and I'm looking forward to staying on track every morning.

3. The women in my life inspire me. They inspire me to think bigger than just myself, to cultivate inward beauty, and to love God more passionately. They inspire me to grow into adulthood with grace and integrity. To treat every day like a gift, and to enjoy the small things in life. This past semester I spent time with the most wonderful and inspiring women. What an absolute joy it was.