You > Stress

It's officially midterm season - and has been for a few weeks now. The library is packed and all my friends are studying like crazy. Some have multiple midterms coming up this weekend and others are busy finishing 40% papers. The line up at Starbucks is double the length, and the increasingly cold weather only helps to increase coffee drinking. I've managed to sneak by without any midterms this semester, and have forgotten what they feel like - so don't worry, the memory DOES fade. But even my schedule is getting maxed out with appointments, presentations, papers and job applications. Everywhere I look people are stressed out - I've even experienced some sympathy stress! I understand what it's like to live a life full of stress and anxiety. It literally robs you of life and joy. Stress drains more of your energy than if you were well rested and had less time to finish your work. I've slowly learned that it's possible to live life without large amounts of stress and it's transformed my life. Stress doesn't need to control you. You are truly greater than it.

Here's some tips for managing stress:

  • get sleep (seriously - it makes a difference)
  • eat healthy (Rolo chocolate bars don't equal breakfast)
  • take a day off, rest and relax (it may seem crazy with so much to do but we essentially were created to sleep and rest 30% of our life, take care of yourself)
  • time manage (don't watch kitten videos on youtube at 3am, sleep!)
  • spend less time on Facebook & social media (you'll feel more productive)
  • be diligent about deadlines but trust that everything will be okay (it probably will)
  • stop thinking about your future and the grades you need for grad school (focus on the here and now, get through each day one step at a time)
  • laugh (it makes you feel better and reduces anxiety)

Have a long term perspective: you have a limited time in university, try to enjoy it =)