Farewell Wonderful Wills Family


Photo Taken by Kathryn Rayner Over the past couple of years I have spent quite a bit of time getting to know this wonderful and beautiful family. Now, they are leaving Guelph and moving on to the next season in their life together. These are all the things that I will miss most about them:


  • His pep talks on life, school, and boys
  • Cooking meat for me to eat, and his backyard summer barbeques
  • His laugh and that crazy look in his eyes
  • His never ending teasing and questions that he asks over dinner
  • The way he loves, provides for, and prays for his family
  • Watching him parent his children


  • Her talks about family and life over tea
  • How she will cook or bake you anything, just to take care of you
  • The large amount of patience and love that she extends onto her children
  • Her attention to detail and her creative spirit


  • The various ways she would pronounce my name as she learned to talk
  • Her sense of humor
  • Her laugh, and when we would laugh together
  • The way she precisely repeats everything you say
  • Watching her love her sister


  • The excitement over her birth and the preparation for her new life
  • When she falls asleep in my arms when I hold her
  • She is the happiest baby I've ever met
  • Her unique personality, so distinct from Noelle's, but still so beautiful

I am going to miss the Wills family so much, and I know I'm not the only one. Their presence in Guelph and on the university campus was encouraging, uplifting and a gift from God. I learned so much about family and life from spending time with them and I wish them all the best as they enter this new chapter of their life together. Please feel free to comment below any farewell messages to the Wills family, or things you will miss. Wills, you are well loved.