Some think I have it all together. If my emotions don't betray me, they may be blinded by my grades, friends, talents and connections. But I feel like a phoney. Everyone has secrets - and I sure have mine.

Every time I see her I feel sick. Bitterness crept in slowly like a thief in the night. A hard heart and painful memories. Shh, it's my secret.

Comparing myself to others, Looking in the mirror as I pass. Picking apart my flaws as I yearn for an impossible perfection. Vanity. Shh, it's my secret.

How could he leave me? Abandoned as a child I feel loss, pain, embarrassment. How can I forgive? All boys now seem distrustful. Shh, it's my secret.

Hidden lust, lurking in the dark. As cockroaches flee light on an Indian train, it remains deep within. I've hit a nerve... Shh, it's my secret.

Dark darkens it's true identity. Keep secrets hidden, close to your heart and they will kill you. It's time to expose them - but that would require a heart change, wouldn't it? It's time to start trusting in Someone bigger than yourself.

What's your secret?