A tour of my Indian house

Here are some photos of my Indian house in Jaipur.

I have LOVED living in my Indian home here in Jaipur. Ma, Babi and Sneyha are all wonderful. It is so comfortable and lovely. I really enjoy sitting in the living room and look at the rose garden outside in the garden and watch the birds fly in and out of the window – secretly making a nest in the light fixture while Ma is in the kitchen lol. Living in Jaipur has been such a blessing. It hasn’t always been easy and I have missed home – Barrie, Ontario =) But being a part of an Indian family has been an amazing learning experience. I think I will miss my host dad Babi the most. He is absolutely brilliant and is always there to teach me a lesson or help explain something. Being in my host family’s home impresses some nostalgia upon me of the days I spent at my grandparent’s home. One of my favourite places on earth, hanging out and eating my bodyweight in grapes haha. I think my host family reminds me of my grandparent’s home because it’s filled with such love.

I was thinking the other day that I feel really far from home – and I am. But I will really miss India and my house here in Jaipur. My last week here fills me with many mixed feelings but I have to remember a quote I heard about travelling and cultural transitions: “Be Here, Now.” The idea is to focus on the present – the here and the now. Even if you wished you were somewhere else, you must always focus on where you are currently. So even though my mind is starting to fill with thoughts of home, I’m working really hard to fully be present this week in India. to enjoy every last minute. To enjoy studying (although that’s a tough one), and to enjoy writing my exams. To enjoy preparing for the big party on the weekend. To enjoy tea time and rickshaw rides. And to enjoy India. For in a week I will be home – and then I will have to focus fully on being home =)