Living in Jaipur

Getting to Jaipur after travelling for a week was really exciting. Staying with host families has been something we all looked forward to and we were nervous that it was finally here! While we stay in Jaipur and complete the second half of school we stay with host families so we can experience what its like to “live” in India =) My host partner is Jaime – we actually worked on the same project in first semester on Sikhism. We get along really well and I’m glad that she’s my partner for home stays.

Jaime and I are staying with Mr. and Mrs. Sen. Our host dad (we call him Babi), is the top architect in Jaipur. Our house is really beautiful, comfortable, and safe to stay in =) The walls are lined with beautiful paintings (their youngest daughter is an artist), and they have quite the collection of books on architecture, photography, history and culture. As well as, every National Geographic from the last 40 year. It’s pretty awesome – I spend quite a bit of my free time browsing their books.

Another girl our age lives in the house too – her name is Sneyha and she is the national champion in archery. Although she is in school right now, studying for her exams. Our host mom (we call her Maa), is the perfect housewife. She loves to look after her house – and all the people in it. She’s very regal and has an enormous collection of saris and jewellery. She said Jaime and I could look at all her saris one day and try them on! This coming weekend she is planning High Tea and it inviting all the coordinators of our program over to our house.

We are studying at Concordia College which is the girl’s college across the street from the University of Rajasthan. I’m taking 4 classes: Indian English Literature, Indian Philosophy, Government and Politics of India, and Natural Chemicals in the Environment. Everything is really interesting. I find that I’m enjoying this section of the trip a lot more because I feel like I’m gaining a more comprehensive perspective of India as a country and as a culture. I’m starting to appreciate India more as a culture and society because I’m more knowledgeable about the history, politics and how everything fits together. It also helps that we have travelled a lot in the last 9 weeks. So far we’ve been to 6 states (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan), and even still I feel like I’ve barely seen most of the country. But I have seen a lot of diversity here and that’s what I love the most! =)

My lovely roommate Jaime =)

My lovely roommate Jaime =)

Jaipur Fort