Leaving for India in 40 days

I primarily created this blog in an effort to be authentic and also to keep everyone updated while I'm away in India! Well, I'm leaving in 40 days which seems incredible.... especially since I have so much to still do! I have most of my immunizations but I still need to apply for my Visa, write my last few papers, write my finals, move out of my house, and buy a Tilly Hat =) I've already bought like 5 bottles of intense 30% deet bug spray, a medical kit and organic skin care products so I'm basically ready haha.

I can't even wrap my head around the fact that I'm leaving so soon. I think the things I'm most looking forward to are:

  • yoga every morning in Mysore
  • photography (of the beautiful architecture, landscapes, and markets)
  • snorkeling in Turtle Bay in the Indian Ocean
  • riding camals in the northern desert near Pakistan
  • navigating through the markets
  • the Taj
  • the entire adventure (and travelling afterwards)

As I keep preparing to go away I would love all your support and love. It's going to be hard to be away from everyone but I know that this is completely the right thing for me right now. =)

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