All in Faith

Notable advice on marriage and mission

When someone is able to share from their own experience, a place of vulnerability - it creates a sacred space. As if time stood still in that coffee shop, Kathi impressed in me the importance of marrying a man who loved God and someone that I could serve alongside in ministry with in some way.

Doing Denmark one year later

A year ago I walked the streets of Denmark and my life was in a very different place. I walked those same streets a week ago and I was reminded of how much can change in a year. If the theme of last year was stress and re-direction, the theme of this year was growth and settling.

To the Fatherless on Father's Day

Being fatherless on father's day, may be a time filled with grief and sadness. It may be a time of hope and thanksgiving. A chance to serve others. But whatever it's like for you, seek to spend time with your eternal Father, for he loves you deeply and meets you where you're at.

Why Unmet Desires are Good

Unmet desires (and the associated pain) force us into a place of deep surrender and humility before God. They remind us that our true hope is in Jesus and how he supplies all our needs in every moment. The growth and likeness of Christ that come when we learn how to surrender and to humble ourselves before God and others. That's growth God desires in us every day to make us more like him.