Why does rest feel so hard?

Feeling relationally drained is painful because as an extrovert I long to being with others. So being home alone and ‘resting’ when I feel at my lowest hurts. It’s hard. It’s lonely. I’m then forced to face the questions of, “why do I feel empty?”

Notable advice on marriage and mission

When someone is able to share from their own experience, a place of vulnerability - it creates a sacred space. As if time stood still in that coffee shop, Kathi impressed in me the importance of marrying a man who loved God and someone that I could serve alongside in ministry with in some way.

Doing Denmark one year later

A year ago I walked the streets of Denmark and my life was in a very different place. I walked those same streets a week ago and I was reminded of how much can change in a year. If the theme of last year was stress and re-direction, the theme of this year was growth and settling.