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What I'm Reading This Summer

Long gone are the summer days of sitting on a beach for hours with my stack of fiction novels beside me, the lake water beckoning when the sun got too hot. Growing up I seemed to all about books, books, and books - and I know many of you were the same. But now my life is shifting, and what and how I'm reading is shifting too.

In the Shade of My Tree

Poverty hit me today. It was unexpected. It was jarring. It felt very out of place. As I was walking out the door to head to my local university to do work, I noticed something on my street. It was a South Asian family with a cart and a wagon and they were walking from door to door. It transported me to the streets in South Asia, where poverty confronts you and your forced to process it and do something.

Why Unmet Desires are Good

Unmet desires (and the associated pain) force us into a place of deep surrender and humility before God. They remind us that our true hope is in Jesus and how he supplies all our needs in every moment. The growth and likeness of Christ that come when we learn how to surrender and to humble ourselves before God and others. That's growth God desires in us every day to make us more like him.

Celebrating Amanda

Amanda's love for Jesus inspired and challenged me. She had something incredible which carried her through every situation. It was something that I craved and wanted to have too. I wanted to know Jesus the way Amanda did.